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Prescription compounding is the pharmacist’s art of preparing a custom medication according to a physician’s specifications for the unique needs of a specific patient. Prescriptions compounding also allows the compounding pharmacist to use problem-solving techniques to prepare medication that requires a different strength, flavor, or delivery system that is not commercially available.

Macdonald’s Prescriptions has been offering custom compounding services since 1926 and follows the Canadian Federal and Provincial standards of pharmaceutical compounding. As a member of various compounding associations, we continue to stay in the forefront of this field of pharmacy practice. Our highly trained staff at Macdonald’s Prescriptions works in partnership with physicians, dentists, dermatologists, naturopaths, and veterinarians to formulate the medication to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Macdonald’s Prescriptions boasts two ISO Class 7 I.V. Clean Rooms, one in our dispensary at our Fairmont Medical Building location and one at our compounding lab on West 6th Avenue. We prepare our sterile compounds in our state of the art clean room to ensure product sterility.

If you have any special needs, ask your physician about prescribing your medication in the form that suits you best. With today’s development in technology, our pharmacists have numerous customized dosage forms to offer to our patients. Some examples of dosage forms we customize for our patients: Our experienced staff at Macdonald’s Prescriptions is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health care needs. We offer private consultations in our counselling room, where we will gladly share our knowledge and information to enable you to gain full understanding of your medications. It is our goal that you leave our store with complete confidence in regards to the products you are taking. If you are taking a complex regimen of prescription medications ask our pharmacist for a medication review. You will be given a comprehensive list of your medications with written and verbal explanations in a very short time. 

At Macdonald’s Prescriptions we can collaborate with your vet to compound a medication suitable for your pet. From flavouring of oral medications to alternate forms such as transderma gels to preparing medications that have been discontinued by the manufacturer – we have the means and capability of coming up with a solution for your pet.