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Our experienced staff at Macdonald’s Prescriptions is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health care needs. We offer private consultations in our counselling room, where we will gladly share our knowledge and information to enable you to gain full understanding of your medications. It is our goal that you leave our store with complete confidence in regards to the products you are taking. If you are taking a complex regimen of prescription medications ask our pharmacist for a medication review. You will be given a comprehensive list of your medications with written and verbal explanations in a very short time. Take a quick look at an example of the medication review form you will receive.

Lymphedema is something you are born with (primary) or due to some trauma, like surgery, radiation, injury etc. (secondary). There is help for both kinds. One part of the treatment is the pump and is only used after you have been assessed by a physician. The other parts of treatment include instruction in skin care, exercises specifically for lymphedema, lymphatic massage, and often wearing of a special elastic compression sleeve or stocking.

If you have any medical questions or concerns, we'd be pleased to meet in order to help you address them. Please call Fairmont Pharmacy at (604) 872-2662 or visit our location on West Broadway today.

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