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Men’s Health

Macdonald’s Prescriptions has been compounding penile injections for erectile dysfunction (ED) therapy since 1988. We also provide external impotence pumps and tension rings for men suffering from ED. Give one of our pharmacists a call to enquire further about these therapies and make an appointment to come in and discuss your specific situation. A prescription from your doctor will be needed for the injection therapy.

Macdonald’s has also been compounding Minoxidil solutions for hair loss therapy since 1980. The 2% strength can be purchased without a prescription, however the 5% strength will need a prescription from you doctor.

Our Men's Health products and services include: 

  • External impotence pumps for men suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • Tension rings
  • Penile injection therapy for erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss therapy 

For men's health service, please call Fairmont Pharmacy at (604) 872-2662 or visit our location on West Broadway today.

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