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Bausch + Lomb Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution Travel Kit

Look forward to exceptional cleaning, disinfection, conditioning, and care for your contact lenses with Renu multi-purpose contact lens solution. From the Eye Care Experts at Bausch + Lomb, Renu contact lens solution offers everyday value and is designed to be gentle on the eyes. It conditions and hydrates lenses for all day comfort, allowing your lenses to feel fresh at the end of the day. Renu Advanced Formula contact lens solution provides up to 20 hours of moisture (based on a laboratory study), helping to prevent lens dryness. Renu lens solution provides excellent cleaning, helping prevent deposits for clean, clear lenses when used daily. The multi-purpose contact solution leverages 3 disinfectants for outstanding disinfection. In fact, nothing disinfects better [vs. multi-purpose solutions based on standardized testing (ISO 14729) against five common organisms]. Renu solution makes contact lens care easy - simply rub and rinse your contact lenses and store them in the case for at least 4 hours until you are ready to wear them again.


▪ Unique formula leverages 3 disinfectants to provide excellent disinfection

▪ When used daily, it cleans and helps prevent the formation of deposits on lenses

▪ Conditions and hydrates lenses for all-day comfort


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